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Beginning in 1881, after the emancipation proclamation when many colored people moved to the north, a group of families made up of twenty members met for worship in the home of Wesley Richardson in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Although they were accustomed to having service in their homes, over time this small group grew in number. They decided to purchase a building and to obtain a charter of incorporation choosing the name New Hope Baptist Church. 


In the 141 years since, New Hope has been a beacon of light to the Braddock community and prides itself on being the oldest Baptist church in the Mon Valley of Western Pennsylvania. 


Throughout our total history the building has stood like a rock without crumbling, peeling or fading away, and New Hope continues to stand with our doors wide open saying "Welcome! Come join the Body of Christ!"




New Hope Baptist Church's vision is to glorify God. With a Spirit of Excellence we shall provide for his people holistic, relevant ministry through the gospel of Jesus Christ, by the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.


Our purpose is to:

-  Lift the Savior (St. John 12:32)
-  Love the Saints (St. John 15:12)
-  Liberate the Sinner (St. Luke 4:18)


We are:

-  a bible based church
-  a Holy Spirit led church
-  a season sensitive church
-  a multi-generational church
-  a Braddock community church
-  a worshipping, witnessing and working church


Upcoming Worship Times

Sunday School: 9:30 AM

Worship Service: 10:45 AM

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